The next Takeover  Saturday June 9th 2018 - Dublin

The Takeover 6 - Naomh olaf GAA Sandyford - Saturday November 28th 2015 









First established by Cian Cowley in 2013 The Takeover is a fast rising Irish Muay Thai and K1 promotion. The Takeover aims to provide a platform for Ireland's best up and coming Nak Muays to showcase their skills aswell as top tier international A class bouts.

These shows are held in local establishments and aim to make the sport of Muay Thai accessible to the general public aswell and gain support for the from the community for the local fighters.

These shows are action packed and the fights are well matched. The amateur fights are entertaining and fast paced as fighters first experience the rush of competition while the seasoned professionals remain composed as they execute their techniques with brutal efficiency.

The next instalment is The Takeover 6. Scheduled for November 28th 2016 in Naomh Olaf GAA Club in Sandyford and will have a full professional card. 

The Takeover 15 June 2013


The Takeover 2  23 November 2013


K1 Novice – 3 x 2 min rounds

(60kg) Paulie Kane (Warriors) VS Nathan Haines (Celtic K1)
Kane wins TKO Round 2

(70kg) Conor Keogh (Warriors) VS Andy Brennan (Celtic K1)
Keogh wins – Points Unanimous

(78kg) Anto O'Gorman (Warriors) VS Philip Corcoran (Celtic K1)
Corcoran wins – Unanimous decision


Amateur Thai – 3 x 2 mins rounds

4. (62kg) Laura Power (Warriors) VS Melanie Healy (K2C)

Power wins – Unanimous decision

5. (75kg) Andy Gilsenan VS Andrejs Bahabahins (K2C)

Gilsenan wins – TKO – Round 2

6. (75kg) Luke Kane (Warriors) VS Fionn Healy (SBG)

Kane wins on points

7. (72kg) Colin O'Neill (Warriors) VS Sam Slater (SBG)

O'Neill wins on points

8. (75kg) Greg Downey VS Anthony Grey (Middleton Thai)

Downey wins on points

9. (60kg) Daryl Flood VS Jordan Thompson (Spartan Cork)

Thompson wins on points


Pro Thai 'C' Class – 3 x 2 mins

10. (70kg) Jamie Moore VS Scotty John (Bridgestone)

Scotty wins on points

11. (67kg) Jay Kelly (Warriors) VS Sam Lynch (Spartan Cork)

Lynch wins on points

12. (68kg) Glen Behan VS Marek Miecknikiewicz (Bridgestone)


13. (72kg) Cian Hogan (Warriors) VS Alex (Wild Geese)

Hogan wins – Unanimous decision


Pro Thai 'B' Class – 5 x 2 mins

14. (83kg) Marcus McCallig (Warriors) VS Barry O'Connor (Spartan Cork)

O'Connor wins on points

15. (74kg) Marley Brennan (Warriors) VS Declan Gurnen (SBG)

Brennan wins on points




The Takeover 3 / June 14 2014 



A Class:


Darren Mcfall (Warriors) vs Gary O'Neill (Cork Thai) 59kg 




B class:

Marley Brennan (Warriors) vs James Heelan (Bridgestone) 74kg






C class:


Cian Hogan (Warriors) vs Adrian Condon(K2C) 73kg


Daryl Flood (Warriors) vs Amir Islam (Coek Thai) 






Amateur K1:


Ballybrack vs Kilcoole


Kiefer Roche (Celtic K1) vs Solo (Muay Thai Kilcoole) 74kg


Dylan Taite (Celtic K1) vs Juraj Huzevka (Kilcoole) 85kg


The Takeover 4 / Saturday November 22nd 2014 




The Takeover 5 - Saturday June 13th 2015 - Joey's Football Club Sallynoggin




Wow... What a crazy night, I feel pumped. I've been to a lof of shows before and I was expecting this to be just another Thai Boxing/K1 event but have to say Cian.. that show blew me away. What a show. Those fights were amazing and to see the guys show so much respect to one another after the final bell is just amazing. Those 2 guys that went the full 5 rounds midway through the show were standing beside me at the end of the night having a pint and talking about the shots they had hit each other in that ring, amazing respect. Can't wait for the next Takeover. That was incredible.
Stephen Connolly