Chief Instructor Info

Head coach Cian Cowley began his martial arts journey at the age of 5. He was first introduced to kickboxing by his father Dave at the family run gym in Stillorgan.

At the age of 12 Cian discovered Muay Thai and fell in love with the sport. He began under the tutelage of Mike Dockery in Warriors gym.

Cians approach and dedication to training ensured he progressed quickly and after 6 months he had his first bout. In the years that followed Cian amassed a total of 35 amateur fights before making the decision to turn professional at the age of 16. 

Over the next 7 years Cian fought in 54 professional bouts and has numerous accolades to his name, becoming the ISKA Irish 70KG Muay Thai, Irish ISKA K1 Champion, the Golden Belt 4 Nations Muay Thai Champion and most recently his best accolade to date, the Irish Caged Muay Thai Champion at 70Kg. He has fought all over Europe, Thailand and the USA. This experience has instilled a wealth of knowledge far beyond his years in Cian.

Now aged 21 Cian has taken over as head coach at Warriors gym and hopes to pass on the knowledge and skills he has learned in the family atmosphere of the gym he was raised.











                                     Mike Dockery

Founder Mike Dockery established Warriors Gym in 2002.

Mike began training in Bridgestone several years earlier and won numerous titles fighting under the Bridgestone banner, notably the IMC middleweight belt.

Despite winning numerous titles as a competitor it was coaching where Mike found his calling. Sportsmanship, discipline and technique are attributes that Mike instills in his protégé.

These characteristics are synonymous with Warriors fighters both in and out of the gym.







Head Coach Cian Cowley being crowned the winner in his most recent Full Thai
rules A class fight in Neptune Stadium in Cork March 1st 2014